Grief process: The Detective Stage!


Grief is not a simple process.

For a while there, the 4 stages of Kübler-Ross provided a kind of road map.

But even though they're better than nothing, it's become clear that the process of grief is not a linear process.

Grief is not a linear process

It's not like you can go: 

'Okay, I've done the first phase of grief so I'll cross that one off my list! Well done me!' 

The reality is that you may visit every phase again and again. 

And that's okay.

That's just what grief is.

It's a journey and sometimes you find yourself right back where you started.

Anyway, as I'm struggling to find my way through this land of grief, I stumbled upon a phase that I hadn't heard mentioned before!

And that's the Detective Phase!

The Detective Phase

In this phase I find myself searching for answers. Anywhere I can. It can be about small things, like

 'Where was the glass?! '

Or about big things, like the When and the How.

My husband does NOT experience this stage.

Which is just another example that things are never simple in this land of grief, that I fell into on August 10th of 2022 when I lost my daughter Lucy...

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