Riches to rags


When I was young and without care, my husband and I used to go grocery shopping holding hands. Every day we took a leisurely stroll down the supermarket aisles, and spend about 40 dollars a day.

Then we had kids

Then we had kids, and as our family grew, our piggy bank shrunk. From then on I did the grocery shopping alone, and just once a week. And we held hands with our kids.

Say goodbye to frills

As time went on, slowly but inexorably more and more frills disappeared from our lives. But the amazing thing is: I don't even miss them!

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I've found that the simply life makes you feel really rich!

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  1. I love this! I married for the first time at age 52. My husband and I still hold hands. He retired last year, which shrunk our income. So worth it. As a pilot, he was gone a lot. I love having him home with me 24/7.

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