New shower curtain: what a difference a shower curtain makes

shower curtain
My new shower curtain

When we moved from the city to the country, we lost the luxury of a bath tub. Our current bathroom is too small for a bath tub.

I'm quite alright with that, but my husband sometimes still misses taking a long, and luxurious bath.

Anyway, our bathroom is not much to look at. It's small and pokey.

To prevent from turning the whole bathroom into a swimming pool whenever someone takes a shower, we hung a shower curtain. That was seven years ago, and I never really gave it much thought.

But then my aunt Marie came along.

My aunt Marie: the kind of housewife they don't make anymore

My aunt Marie is the kind of housewife you don't find much anymore. She actually knows a lot about good housekeeping. Once a month my aunt Marie comes to my house and cleans it thoroughly. While she mumbles a lot of Tsktsk's and scolds me for my poor housekeeping skills.

I learn a lot from my aunt Marie.

She had made me a better housewife, so I'm quite grateful.

'Your shower curtain is a disgrace, little lady!'

Anyway, when my aunt Marie saw my sorry excuse for a shower curtain she told me:

'You have to buy a new shower curtain! This one is an absolute disgrace!' 

And of course, my aunt Marie was right. So off I went, to buy a new shower curtain. I found one at the dollar store for only 3 bucks.

It's a cheap looking shower curtain, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the overall effect. I think our whole bathroom looks better with this new shower curtain.

shower curtain
Our whole bathroom looks better with this new shower curtain!

Thanks to my aunt Marie and the dollar shop : )

Do you have a shower curtain in your bathroom?

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