Kdramas with real kissing

The Kdramas I watch are all of the romantic genre.

It's all about them finding each other and living happily ever after.

But the road to get there is usually filled with lots of misunderstanding, suffering and pain.

A real kiss makes all the pain go away

And that's okay, as long as after all the heartache they kiss each other. And I mean really kiss each other. Not the 'Whoops I accidentally fell on your lips with my mouth so I'ld better not move a muscle.'

I mean the kind of kissing where they actually move their mouths together. There's even this thing in Kdrama called the 'Deer in the headlight kiss' in Kdrama!

Like this one:

Unfortunately it can be quite hard to find Kdramas with real kissing.Really hard!

Because I find myself googling 'kdrama with real kissing' quite a lot, I figured there are more K-drama lovers like me out there. Looking for k-dramas with real kissing.

So I compiled my own list of K-dramas with real kissing. Or at least as good as it gets with K-drama.

Kdramas with real kissing.

1. Fated to love you

Fated to love you is one of my absolute favorite K-dramas. Although somewhere in the middle I felt like ripping my hair out in frustration, it was definitely worth hanging in there. There are several kisses. My two favorite scenes are the Press conference and the 'Noodle kiss'.

Just watch! I promise it's great!

2. Bromance

Okay, this one is Taiwanese. And if you're like me, you might think: 'I don't do Taiwanese.' Believe me, I get it! I wasn't going to watch any other dramas except Korean drama either. But Bromance is absolutely great, and it has lots of reak kissing in it.

Also, the characters are pleasantly mature. Even 'the big misunderstanding' that usually leads to a break up is no big deal. I loved that!

Here's one great example of real kissing in Bromance : )

3. Jealouse incarnate

I love the scene where they kiss in the dressing room, and afterwards he can't do his buttons up because his hands are shaking so much. There's also a bed scene at the end.

4. Another Miss Ho

This one has great kissing too! They kiss each other passionately several times. You won't be disappointed.

Here's one now, even though there was some mumbling about him pinning her to the wall, it was also considered 'alright' since she obviously wants to kiss him too.

5. Goblin

You have to wait till the end, but then there's a really passionate kiss. Before that there's some kissing, but more of the very chaste kind.

6. My secret Romance

My secret Romance has some real kissing in the first episode. It's great and very romantic. You even see them hastily taking their clothes off. And it's very sweet because the guy first makes certain the girl agress.

Unfortunately that first real kissing is also the best you're gonna see in this drama. But I really like the way the guy longs for the girl.

7. And of course Coffee prince

Shouldn't forget this classic even though it's from 2005! It's famous for the kissing scene, where Gong yoo kisses the female lead and they stumble to the bed.

Summing up

One of the things that makes Kdrama so great is that holding hands en kissing really méáns something. Kdrama is so sweet and romantic, I just love it.

It shows how tender just holding hands can be. And how a kiss can be sweet.

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