Home make-over with color rugs and cushions!

When I was a kid I used to move my bedroom furniture around all the time. I just loved to reposition everything and give my bedroom a whole new look. Every time I stepped into my newly decorated bedroom I would get this little thrill!

Now I'm  a mom of five, and I still love to move everything around, but I live in a house that kind of dictates where everything goes. Which is a real bummer if you ask me! Luckily I have found a solution to give my living room different looks without moving the furniture by using different color rugs like these ones and cushions like these. During Winter I use warm colours like red and dark green, and come Springtime I spruce things up with bright and light colours. Right now I'm using these rugs which you can actually throw into the washing machine. I found them at the local thrift store.

It really makes a difference what kind of material or colours you use to decorate your home. I love the warm and cozy look during Winter, and during Spring I like my home light and airy. But who knows, maybe one day I'll go for the rugged Cowboy look and get me some cowhide rugs! But right now I'm in love with the rug you can see at the top right in this post! Isn't it lovely?

Do you change the look of your home according to the season?

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  1. You know I do..I'm an interior designer so I suffer from this condition...lol

    Head on over to my blog and poke around and see if you find anything that can help you with your home.
    And by the way, you can always ask me anything about design.I don't mind giving free tips away for my fellow mom bloggers and followers.
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  2. We do this! We change our cushions, put up bells everywhere, and have our "winter" rugs. In the summer, we take the rugs up (because everything gets so dusty it's better not to have them down) and change the cushions to lighten up the room! I even have reversible curtains!

  3. It is a lovely rug. My mom used to move things around all of the time. My youngest is a mover too, and if I move something he gets so excited, 'Hey, you made it new!' lol

  4. You and I are kindred spirits when it comes to moving things around---I'd be up at 2am moving things around in my room as a teen. When I got marred we hardly had much and we had a big apt so I had space to move the three things I had around. Now were in a home, it has more space but we also have more STUFF!!! LOL I bought a sofa that has HUGE throw pillow like backs just foe the fact I can cover them with different fabrics for the season.

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